Single Embryo transfer

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Almost every IVF patient is faced with an important decision regarding their treatment – do I transfer one embryo or two?

When faced with this decision many hopeful parents may think that transferring two embryos will significantly increase their chances of success. Also, IVF treatment can be costly so the idea of completing their families with less treatment cycles can be very enticing.

The reality is that transferring two embryos only marginally increases the success of pregnancy over a single embryo transfer while it drastically increases your chance of multiple pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies (twins or higher) are more difficult on the mother, the babies, and on the obstetric physician. Children born of multiple births are more likely to be born prematurely and with low birth weight. These, in turn, increase the risks of serious neonatal and postnatal conditions in children.

In addition to the increase in health risks to the mother and babies, the costs associated with multiple pregnancies are much higher than with singleton deliveries. The average cost in the US for a singleton birth is $21,000. Twin deliveries average around $104,000 and triplet deliveries tally in around at $407,000!

At modern IVF centers, there is no longer a need to transfer multiple embryos in order to achieve a pregnancy. At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we offer unlimited transfer packages to help patients achieve the healthy family they have always dreamed of… one child at a time.

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