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LGBT Family and Foster Care

Capstone Foster Care have been building brighter futures for the children and young people in their care for the last 10 years. Capstone are a founder-owned, independent fostering agency with 15 local teams ready and available to support their foster families across England. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and have ever wondered,…
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Queer Journeys to Parenthood

Growing Families (formerly Families Through Surrogacy) are a not-for-profit organisation who work globally to promote safe and informed family building through surrogacy. They ran their first UK seminar back in 2014 and quickly gained momentum. Since then they have hosted 14 events in the UK and Ireland and many more abroad. The key to the…
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Premium fertility treatment for the LGBT community

Dr Malini Uppal explains how City-Fertility provide excellent bespoke fertility treatment to LGBT couples and singles Dr Malini has gained vast experience in the field of reproductive medicine during her training and work at several centres of excellence. She completed her postgraduate diploma in prenatal genetics and foetal medicine with distinction at the University College…
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Decent people and good eggs is a recipe for children

We hear from Sam Everingham of Families Through Surrogacy on the important roles in surrogacy journeys "The key players in surrogacy arrangements are not in fact the doctors, embryologists and fertility lawyers you are paying. They are the surrogates, egg donors, intended parents and their support networks. So it is surprising that few surrogacy events…
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Gay dads top 7 tips for surrogacy

Sam Everingham, a gay dad via surrogacy, now spends most of his time educating intending parents about the ever-changing surrogacy options for family building "I became involved in surrogacy education over eight years ago when my partner and I experienced the heartache of a premature twin birth than resulted in Zac’s still-birth. Ben survived only…
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Foster with Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council welcomes LGBT+ people, single or in couples, who are interested in fostering It doesn’t matter who you are – it’s the little things that mean so much to a child in care. From watching cartoons and going swimming together, to having their own seat at the dinner table and knowing you’ll be…
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Extraordinary surrogacy journeys for gay dads

Increasingly both single gay men and gay couples are engaging in surrogacy to fulfill their dream of fatherhood. Sam Everingham profiles two extraordinary journeys from dads who will be at Families Through Surrogacy’s fifth conference for intended parents in March. “For gay men in particular international surrogacy is a fast moving minefield with many risks.…
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Improving success for IVF patients

IVF is a great way to start a family but it can be a stressful process. GENNET City Fertility clinic in London offers professional counselling to people going through IVF to reduce stress and improve their chances of conception For same-sex couples, single women and couples who have had difficulties conceiving naturally, IVF (in vitro…
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Creating families through surrogacy – gay style

Starting a family via surrogacy has become increasingly common amongst gay men, despite constant changes in rules affecting availability in other countries. When Thailand, India, Nepal & Cambodia all froze access to surrogacy for foreigners, many gay men were left with embryos stranded. Meanwhile, providers in the USA, Canada and South East Asia have stepped…
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Raising awareness for LGBT adoption & fostering

Hertfordshire County Council is supporting this year’s sixth annual LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Adoption and Fostering Week to help raise awareness about the need for more adopters and foster carers throughout the county. LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week runs from March 6-12 and aims to reach potential adoptive parents and foster carers with…
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