The website really looks good congratulations!


And I mean it, it is really an incredible achievement, I believe for the UK it is the single most informed and relevant place to go for LGBT parenting advice, well done!


You must get amazing feedback and I just wanted to add mine as I feel incredibly moved by what you're doing and the difference I know you make to peoples lives. I know from experience how much you have improved things . I also really liked your blog post about Noah wondering where the other Daddy was.




Many thanks for the magazine. I thought it was really easy to read and is particularly engaging. I liked the relevance to the LGBT communities and their families (and families-to-be!). I liked the comments from your company ie "our view is..."

The information and adverts are relevant and show a great deal of depth that I wasn't aware of previously. I liked the Lesbian father piece.

I felt it was a well-rounded magazine and usually I don't have time to read a whole issue of something but read it cover to cover.

Maria Cox , It's All About You Counselling: LGBT counselling service, Devon



Dear Hannah
It was fantastic to discover your magazine via The Guardian. I’ve had a look at your online summer issue and I am very impressed.
GuardianArticle copyAfter years of feeling alienated from the usual menu of media-content aimed at us (consumer ‘ lifestyle’ and sex-toys etc) and therefore not buying any of these, it is so refreshing to discover a magazine that I will actually want to read and be able to relate to. And our daughter was just SO pleased to hear that there is a magazine for ‘us’. I get the sense that for some children of LGBT parents coming across positive media coverage is really good. When The Dumping Ground featured a lesbian couple adopting a child with special educational needs, she chatted about it endlessly. Usually, she is quite reticent about such things!
Many thanks,
Rita, Oxford

reader's letter, issue 4



I’m not LGBT myself, but after reading about your story in The Guardian (14th September 2013), I just wanted to let you know how admirable and inspiring I find your magazine.GuardianArticle copy

I have had many a conversation with my relatively conservative family lately over the passage of the gay marriage bill (or mariage pour tous – marriage for all – as we call it in France) particularly centred around adoption and IVF for same-sex couples. I think the reservations they have are in large part due to the lack of visibility in our society of how normal, loving, happy, and healthy families with same-sex parents can be.

Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck with your magazine!

Claire, France


reader's letter, issue 4,