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Babies and sleep regressions: how to survive them

Diane Pawsey is a maternity nurse and holistic sleep coach. She offers home consultations, as well as Skype or telephone consultations helping families throughout the UK and overseas. What are Sleep regressions?! If you are a parent or you work with children, you have most likely heard about sleep regressions. In this article, I will…
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Gender-neutral parenting: an in-depth guide

Many parents-to-be are frustrated by the social limitations of gender stereotyping. They don’t want their girls to only play with tea sets and dolls or their boys to be dressed only in blue pretending to be policemen and playing with diggers and trucks. Gender-neutral parenting gives children free choice and nurtures creativity, self-awareness and identity…
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From profoundly deaf to normal hearing at the age of 1

Bobby was born profoundly deaf, but with cochlear implants he can now hear fully. We hear his story plus more information about the implants that can help young children with their speech and learning development. It was World Hearing Day on 3rd March 2016. This is an annual awareness-raising event organised by the World Health…
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From Beyond the Couch

Ruth Yudkin is a UKCP-registered psychotherapist, with many years’ experience of therapy with individuals, couples and families. She has worked at several independent agencies, and now has a thriving private practice. She has a special interest in the needs of LGBT clients and the particular issues that arise for LGBT families. Ruth is also an…
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Interview with Susan Golombok

Susan Golombok is director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge. Her fascinating book, published in March this year, brings together over thirty years of research into new family forms – forms which include lesbian and gay-parented families, single mothers by choice, and families created through assisted reproduction techniques (ART). The…
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Gender-neutral pronouns

Unsure how to refer to someone who is gender neutral? Here’s our top six appropriate pronouns and examples of how you would use them: HEN: used in Sweden Herm or they: in place of him or her Ne/nem/nir/nirs/nemself (Ne went to get nir hair cut) Spivak: Ey/em/eir/eirs/eirself (Ey likes to drink coffee when eir workload…
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Attachment disorder explained

Attachment disorder is a term often used in reference to children who have been in care. What is it, where did the term come from and how do you deal with it? Richard Field is an educational psychologist, foster carer and carer for the Albert Kennedy Trust. He shares his knowledge with us. After the…
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Fostering as a single gay dad

Richard's parenting journey lead him to become a foster carer for two boys with challenging behaviour Richard, 37, is an educational psychologist with a background as a primary school teacher, and lives in London. At the time of this interview he had two foster boys – James*, 7 and Ben*, 11. Richard always wanted a…
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Co-parenting how-to: part 1

Co-parenting Part 1: finding your perfect partners Many lesbians and gay men are attracted to the idea of co-parenting where, for example, a gay couple has a child with a single lesbian and they share the parenting between them. There are several benefits to this arrangement. Aside from solving the problem of the missing sperm…
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