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Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out

A short film from Team Angelica & Stonewall, 2013

Clear, honest, cute kids talk about their lives and their families. We love this - it's a simple message: Parents are Parents. Family is Family. Love is Love.

Video of the Month: July 2015

How To Be A Good Ally

Clear positive steps to being a good ally from the charming young vlogger and blogger Hannah Witton. The We Are Family magazine team love this video!
Find more of Hannah's work on her blog or youtube channel.

Video of the month, June 2015

Macklemore: Same Love

Sarah, our intern, recommended Macklemore’s Same Love as April 2015's video of the month because "it’s just beautiful and it never gets old."

Video of the Month: April 2015.

K Anderson: 14 year old me

SDGLN - San Diego Gay & Lesbian News - said

"London-based gay singer-songwriter K Anderson creates raw, no-holds-barred music framed in such a way that it feels like a forthright (and much needed) conversation. Like other brave, well-traveled artists before him, Anderson sets himself apart from his peers with an uncommon honesty.

Anderson’s “14 Year Old Me” is a quite vocal apology to to the singer’s younger self. Smoothly listenable, it has been featured several times on BBC6 Music, with host Tom Robinson including it in his personal selection mixtape. Anderson released a music video for “14 Year Old Me,” and the visuals are as human and basic as the message in the single.

Find more of K Anderson's music here

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Video of the Month: March 2015.