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We really would like this website to be current, fast-moving, relevant and interesting.

Every article in our library has a comment option at the end. If you have useful information or contacts, personal experience or knowledge to contribute, or questions to ask, we would love to hear from you. Help our community grow!

All comments will be moderated before publishing. We will not publish any comment we feel is likely to offend or we feel is inappropriate, defamatory, potentially libellous, or discriminatory. Your posts may be edited to protect identity or for reasons of relevance/length.

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What would you like to see more of in We Are Family magazine? What should we write about? Respond to an article, tell us about inaccuracies, tell us how great we are and how much you love the magazine! Send us cake if you like.

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Do you have a family legal issue or a relationship or parenting problem? Perhaps our panel of experts can help: knowledgeable and practising in their fields, including law, fertility, psychology, education, and campaigning. Write to our Consulting Room.

NB We cannot answer individual letters, and letters chosen may be edited before publishing.

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If you're running an event that you think might be of interest to our readers please let us know - we may be able to include it in the magazine or online (no promises though, sorry). If you hope to appear in the magazine please give us as much notice as you possibly can, because we only publish once every three months.

Quote me!

We'll be running an occasional series of funny comments our kids make about their families, or How They Were Made. We'd love to hear yours - and share them with our readers.

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If you are interested in writing for We Are Family magazine:

• submit a sample article of no more than 1,000 words, on a subject of your choice, to so that we can get a feel for your writing ability and style. This can be an article that has been published before, if it is relevant

• Tell us your areas of interest and include some ideas for future articles aimed at our audience. Or pitch us if you have an idea for a specific article - tell us your idea, why it's relevant, what you'll cover, who you'll talk to etc

• If we like your style and ideas, then we can talk about potential commissions. Bear in mind that above all you need to be clear, accessible, informed and friendly in your tone. Please read the information on the right for some more detail.

Be a guest blogger

See our blogs page for some info about guest bloggers.


We Are Family magazine promotes positive representation for the LGBT community and is a place for personal stories to be voiced and heard. We aim to provide all the information available so people can make their own informed decisions and we remain impartial where possible (for example in choices around routes to parenthood). When tackling negative personal journeys we explore them truthfully and openly, explore difficult issues and experiences whilst looking for positive outcomes. If there are no positive outcomes we ask for further information, advice and resources to help others.
All commissioned articles are the property of We Are Family magazine to be used in the printed magazine and on the website. Any requests to reprint articles in part or full would need to be agreed with us and the original publication would need to be mentioned.
Freelance commissioning
All freelance articles are submitted on spec - we cannot guarantee the commission until we've read the article and established that it is the relevant content, style and tone for our readership. If you have been given a word length please keep to it. If you feel the piece needs to be significantly longer or shorter or is becoming something other then the brief (if one was set) please discuss with the editor before submitting.

Let us Try!

Send us your products (for babies, children or parents) and food samples, invite us to visit your venue, review your service, film or music, offer us and our readers discounts, giveaways and competition prizes - readers are more interested in real, honest, personal recommendations! Contact us to talk about it.