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For anyone thinking about starting an 'alternative' family, whether it's still just a thought, an idea to consider or your decision has been made and it's time to explore your options and take positive steps forward - this section is for you.
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This section's for anyone bringing up a child or children, whether that's part or full time - practical advice on sleeping, eating, behaviour and the highs and lows of being part of a family. Shared stories, places for support, activity suggestions, events, and more!
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Family & Community

Family is not just about parenting and babies - it's about being part of the LGBT community, it's about who you decide is your family, or it's about having a child or a parent, a brother, sister or other family member who is LGBT even if you aren't - this section's all about helping you understand better, offer support, feel informed, know the history, be proud!
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Consulting Room

Our Consulting Room experts have many years experience and tons of skills and expertise to offer when answering your family and legal queries. Whether it's a legal issue, relationship or parenting problem, we can help.
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Our reference section: browse our useful lists of agencies, contacts, support & information sources - all designed to help you get the knowledge you need for your family journey.
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Video of the month

Every month we choose a new video to share on our home page. Find the back catalogue here!
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