Famous twins: funny quotes

It's a twin thing...

Celebrities say the funniest things... here's a few of 'em...


Edward of Jedward 

jedward“As you can see we’re twins because we look alike and that’s what twins do.”

“Once I was like ‘Look, John, that’s you on TV!’ Then I realised... it was me...”

“There’s nothing wrong with John, OK, he’s perfect and if he had anything wrong with him that means he has a problem with me so like if he said he doesn’t like his bum that means he doesn’t like mine.”


Laverne Cox

“My identical twin brother… told the guy interviewing him that I was offended when he told me the story that someone thought that I was a man… and he said that he was offended that someone thought he was an actor.”


weasleyJames Phelps (plays Fred Weasley in the Harry Potter films)

“I told an American reporter I’d met Oliver [his twin brother] at the audition, and he believed me.”



This article/list was printed in We Are Family magazine, issue 8, Summer 2015.
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