LGBT statistics: spending power

The population

A survey compiled by HM Treasury and the Department of Trade and Industry concluded there were 3.6 million gay people in Britain

Government and Stonewall assume 5-7% of the population is LGB (between 3.1 and 4.4 million)

30,000 people attended London Pride in 2014

Spending power

An estimated £70 billion pink pounds are earned and spent by LGBT people in the UK every year

Gay men earn £10,000 a year more than the national average for men  (Out Now Survey, 2006)

Lesbians earn £6,000 a year more than the national average for women (Out Now Survey, 2006)

1.25 million overseas holidays were taken by gay people in 2006, with a value of £658 million (Gay Travel UK, Mintel)

74% of gay and 42% of straight consumers are less likely to buy products from orgnisations that hold negative views of lesbian and gay people (VisitScotland)


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Statistics correct, as far as we know from our research, at January 2015, or at date quoted.