LGBT statistics: creating families

committed couples

25 years since the first same-sex couple undertook a registered partnership, in Denmark

Number of lesbians and gay men who have committed to civil partnerships in the UK is over five times the figure predicted when the civil partnership law first came into power in 2005 (ONS)

Number of couples entering civil partnerships rose by 6% in 2011 to 6795

Total of 106,834 people in civil partnerships by December 2011

creating families

Number of LGBT families is growing (ONS)

Increasing numbers of lesbians and gay men becoming foster carers or have adopted children in UK

50% increase in gay adoption between 2005 and 2011

Number of same sex couples adopting children doubled 2009-2013 (DofE)

One in 20 children adopted are adopted by same sex couples

Women in same sex relationships receiving IVF up by 37% (HFEA 2010-2011)

Women in same sex relationships receiving donor insemination up by 24% (HFEA 2010-2011)

240 parental orders granted in 2013 following international surrogacy. Dramatic increase expected for 2015. Over 1000 intended parents are going to India alone for surrogacy (Foreign Office)

The two not-for-profit UK support networks for surrogacy have long waiting lists

July 2013 saw the first UK Gay Family Pride: 250 lesbian and gay parents brought their kids to the event in Staffordshire

November 2013 saw the first UK lesbian parenting conference, in Hebden Bridge

LGBT Adoption and Fostering week is the first week of March each year

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Statistics correct, as far as we know from our research, at January 2015, or at date quoted.