LGBT Adoption & Fostering: myth & jargon buster

Myth buster

  1. There is no legal minimum age (although some services have their own policy such as over 21)
  2. There is no official upper age limit
  3. You can be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender
  4. Single people can apply as much as married or unmarried couples or couples in a civil partnership
  5. You do not need to own you own home or have lots of money in the bank
  6. You don’t have to be parents already, nor are you excluded if you already have children
  7. You do not have to work with or have professional experience of children
  8. You can come from different ethnic and/or religious backgrounds
  9. People who are disabled are not excluded
  10. If you smoke you are not necessarily excluded
  11. If you have a criminal conviction you may still be eligible (it depends what it was for).
First printed in We Are Family magazine, issue 1, Spring 2013.
Details may have changed - please do not rely on this information solely when making decisions - do your own research, make your own checks and get legal or health advice as appropriate.

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