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Brother struggles with sister coming out

Q We have two teenagers - our daughter is at university and our son is in his last year at school. Our daughter came home recently looking very different - her long hair replaced with short and her clothing less girly. She sat us down and announced that she is a lesbian. My husband and…
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Homophobia on holiday

Q Dear Consulting Room I was on a camping holiday recently with my wife and two kids. There was an evening BBQ at the campsite and all the families joined in. We were the only same-sex couple there. Some boys of around 10 years old were playing together near us, wrestling on the grass. One…
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Discrimination in the workplace

Q I’m studying children and young people’s workforce early learning and childcare and doing my work placement in a nursery. I like working with children but I just don’t get along with the people I work with. I don’t feel comfortable to be ‘out’ as comments have been made about them turning down a ‘rough’…
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