Improving success for IVF patients

IVF is a great way to start a family but it can be a stressful process. GENNET City Fertility clinic in London offers professional counselling to people going through IVF to reduce stress and improve their chances of conception

For same-sex couples, single women and couples who have had difficulties conceiving naturally, IVF (in vitro fertilisation) can offer a solution. This medical procedure utilises drugs to obtain multiple eggs which are fertilised in the laboratory to create multiple embryos. The embryos are transferred into the entrance of the uterus to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Many patients complete the procedure without the need for sedation or pain relief medication and are able to return to work the same day. The level of drug stimulation needed depends on the clients circumstances and fertility issues. Natural cycle IVF is also available. This uses the body’s natural selection of the best egg for conception without drug stimulation. IVF patients also have access to donor sperm and eggs if needed.

The rate of success of IVF can be between 40-50%, depending on your age. However, medication side effects, money worries, and uncertain outcomes can cause infertility-related stress for anyone going through IVF, which can put a lot of pressure on both men and women. Patients often report experiencing feelings of sadness, pain and anxiety. It is known that stress can have a negative impact on conception and fertility.

Professional counselling should be offered before, during and after IVF treatment (regardless of the outcome) according to the recommendation of The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). GENNET City Fertility in London offer counselling services to all their patients (the first appointment is free of charge). As well as this GENNET City Fertility are also hosting a monthly support group organised by Fertility Network UK, where IVF patients will be able to access supportive counselling in a safe and confidential place to explore their feelings and thoughts and to discuss ways of coping. By helping ease the emotional burden IVF patients will have a more positive IVF journey.

Beyond counselling there are other ways to combat stress and positively improve chances of conception. It has been shown that acupuncture has specific effects on a number of factors that are crucial to the success of conception and continuation of pregnancy. In order to maximise the health of women and men for optimal conception it is advisable to start acupuncture 2-3 months before starting IVF treatment. IVF patients can also reduce their stress levels with hypnotherapy, writing, mindfulness, and a range of therapeutic massage techniques.

Your decision when choosing the right fertility clinic for you can make a huge difference to the quality of your fertility journey. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your clinic provides a supportive environment with a dedicated team or professionals who provide good emotional care and continuity of care.

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