Welcome to our new website!

We did it!

Phew! This website has been my baby for the last couple or three months so I'm really excited to see it being launched at the end of TODAY! (fingers crossed)

I've learnt so much on this project. We've used WordPress to build the website and I certainly wouldn't have called myself a WordPress expert a couple of months ago, but I guess I'm getting there, having been immersed in the world of internal links, posts/pages & portfolios, spans, tags & styles & whatnot for two-days-a-week since November. (Have I bored you to sleep with techie langauage yet? If not read on..!)

Of course you can't make a baby on your own, for the deep techie stuff I've haven't been able to do we've had help from a techie guy called Mick from mediatube (thanks for your patience Mick).

Laura has been an eagle-eyed proof reader and tester-outer - thanks to you x

And of course Hannah, editor of We Are Family magazine, has been my primary co-parent. We've worked together in our mission to balance what our readers and our advertisers might want; to balance words and pictures, navigation and readability; fun & lightheartedness with respect and sensitivity; after all family is important and getting it right, or at least 'good enough', is what we're all after.

If you have time please have a good old explore about - there's lots here! And it's a work-in-progress. We'll be adding events & news regularly, and new articles, and have a few ideas up our sleeves to keep things interesting in the future. Please bookmark us and keep on visiting!


Here's me, tired but excited. And in the background you get a wave from Elliott, our new Sales Manager, who started work with us this week. Another member of the We Are Family magazine family! Welcome to him and to all of you.










I'd love your feedback, comments and suggestions about the website. Please make a comment below. And by-the-way, there's an option to comment under any of our blogs or articles in the library, it would be great to hear from you.

Beccy, We Are Family team

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