My work and values are rooted in youth and community work. I spent many years working with young homeless people in Bristol, as well as working for youth centres and girls clubs in the area, and a stint working and volunteering for city farms, on a local and national level.

I've worked with Hannah since she came to Bristol in 1996. She was an intern at a magazine I worked for, later becoming one of our writers. I was production magazine for the same magazine (now defunct), called The Spark - a green, positive change quarterly. I wrote the family page for many years as well as sub editing and proof reading, managing the office and the website, booking ads and artworking the listings section (we were a small team!)

Later when Hannah took the plunge and started We Are Family magazine she asked me to be her sub editor (I was delighted!), which I've done as a freelancer ever since. In the summer of 2014 I was made redundant from The Spark, and luckily for me, Hannah was in the position to offer me some more regular work, supporting her to consolidate, set up structures and work on strategy and development. I also put together this website.

Personally, I have had pink hair for most of the last twenty-five years. I'm mum to a grown-up, left-the-nest son. I was a single mum for most of his upbringing. I love to sing, swim and my Friday morning Yoga class, and feel strongly about green issues, human rights and social justice. My most-favourite-thing is to sit round my kitchen table with plenty of food and drink, hanging out with my amazing friends, my lush family and their partners and friends. Love me, love my family.


I'm also a freelance writer, sub editor and web content developer.
You can find me on linkedin