My copy of We Are Family magazine arrived today. I’ve read it cover–to-cover already. Love it! I can’t wait until the release of the next edition. Superb content, well-written and VERY interesting. I have been searching for ages for a magazine just like yours! It literally ticks all the boxes – mixed gender, mixed content, educated, very informative and really varied.

I’m sick to death of ‘sceney’ magazines – they’re full of stuff I’m not interested in. I appreciate tons of LGBTs are interested in the scene, but a huge proportion of us are not. I’m an eco-warrior, animal-loving, family-obsessed, pregnant, married (ok, civil-partnered, but pffft) lesbian professional... who’s had enough of nightclubs and bed-hopping.

A nice cuppa, your wonderful magazine and maybe a choccy biscuit or two and I’m a happy girl.



Bobbie Kelly, Scotland

reader's letter, issue 2,



Hi there!

I am totally in love with your wonderful, affirming magazine as a bi, poly, single parent! It very much makes me feel what I believe – that with love and support in a family of any shape, children do well.

I wonder if you have any plans to include poly families in your magazine in due course? I actually bought the first magazine because my primary partner has now taken on (with great success but zero previous experience of children) a ‘ fatherly’ role for my daughter (or authority adult as we also refer to it) and we thought that the co-parenting articles might have some relevant bits in there for him.

Best wishes,
Charlotte, London

reader's letter, issue 2



Dear We Are Family Team
I’m just writing to say what a fantastic publication! We Are Family magazine is really bright and inviting and best of all it has superb editorial.

Best regards,

Lucy, south west

reader's letter, issue 2



Dear Editor

I was reading We Are Family magazine the other day and it passed the sideways glare test! The lady next to me in the coffee shop looked, looked again and to my confusion, looked away. I was amazed! No funny looks, no embarrassing adverts – I was just a woman reading some glossy magazine about kids and families.

At last, a magazine that can compete with the glossies and actually be about something that is of relevance to me.

Thank you!

Chloe, Wales

reader's letter, issue 2