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Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out

A short film from Team Angelica & Stonewall, 2013

Clear, honest, cute kids talk about their lives and their families. We love this - it's a simple message: Parents are Parents. Family is Family. Love is Love.

Video of the Month: July 2015

How To Be A Good Ally

Clear positive steps to being a good ally from the charming young vlogger and blogger Hannah Witton. The We Are Family magazine team love this video!
Find more of Hannah's work on her blog or youtube channel.

Video of the month, June 2015

Supporting my grandson as he explores his identity

Guest blogger Anna Bianchi is a creative activist, writer, workshop teacher and change guide, and a grandmother with a 4-year-old grandson who is exploring female gender identity. Here Anna reflects on her own conditioning and honouring Ruben's* journey. Anna’s website: Ruben’s powder blue princess dress is bunched up over his thighs as he sits on…
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International surrogacy story

An epic Greek tragedy with a happy ending Georgios* and his partner Alexander* live in London with their two-and-a-half year old twins. Georgios shared the story of their incredible international surrogacy journey with We Are Family magazine. Truly international, Georgios was born in Greece, studied for an MBA in Spain, got a job in Russia,…
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Georgios & Alex’s Surrogacy Story: expert response CFC

Surrogacy Attorney Diane Hinson of Creative Family Connections Diane Hinson; Founder, Owner and Senior Partner of Creative Family Connections, a specialist legal firm providing support for anyone going through surrogacy, comments on our lead surrogacy story, and considers the legal complications. Potential for complications The recurring theme in Georgios and Alexander’s story through gestational surrogacy…
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Georgios & Alex’s Surrogacy Story: expert response ORM

Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) Dr Brandon J. Bankowski, MD MPH FACOG, at world-renowned US fertility clinic ORM, gives his response to Georgios and Alexander’s surrogacy experience, and addresses the medical and duty of care issues raised. “Georgios and Alexander’s story is a tragic, but avoidable one. Despite heroic efforts, against insurmountable odds, Georgios and Alexander’s…
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Sharing my story

My first official 'talk' to share my story - and the Routes to Parenthood Show Last weekend I got to meet myself 12 years ago - several times! The We Are Family team trekked to Manchester for the Routes to Parenthood show – the second in a new series of regional shows. We had a…
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