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Planning is for anyone thinking about starting an ‘alternative’ family, whether it’s still just a thought, an idea to consider, or your decision has been made and it’s time to explore your options and take positive steps forward – this section is for you.

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“Our best Christmas present ever!”

Paul and Mark had always wanted to be parents. After hearing positive things about adoption through Salford City Council they decided to go for it and apply. This is their journey... Watching their two-year-old son tear round the house on Christmas Day was better than any Christmas present Manchester couple Paul* and Mark* could have…
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A tribute to looked after children for their resilience

Guest blogger Anna Bianchi is a creative activist, writer, workshop teacher and change guide, as well as a grandmother with a 4-year-old grandson who is exploring female gender identity. Anna's last post exploring supporting her grandson's gender identity expression through courageous parenting created quite a bit of debate. Here, in her second blog post, Anna…
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Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

Tricia and Cathy were excited but daunted when they found out they were pregnant with multiple babies. Then they found out they had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)… After a difficult time finding a clinic they were happy with, and choosing donor sperm, the couple were delighted when they found out Cathy was pregnant. “Two weeks…
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What to expect from the adoption process

A step-by-step guide Here’s a breakdown of the adoption process. This may vary depending on your agency but these are the likely steps involved. Step 1 Preliminary enquiry Make contact with a local adoption team through your council, a charity or other adoption organisations. They will ask you a few questions to establish whether you…
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LGBT Adoption & Fostering: myth & jargon buster

Myth buster There is no legal minimum age (although some services have their own policy such as over 21) There is no official upper age limit You can be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Single people can apply as much as married or unmarried couples or couples in a civil partnership You do not need…
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Trans lesbian couple finally form a family

"You're going to be parents!" Harriet* is 24 and lives in the south west, with Lizzy*, 40, and their two adopted children. Here she tells their adoption story. “They’ve said yes,” our social worker said on the phone. “You’re going to be parents!” Those two short sentences marked the transition between the eternity of waiting…
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Asking friends to be your sperm donor – how to do it

Part One of a series: How To Approach Known Donors Want to ask your Gay Best Friend to be the donor dad of your future kids? It can be challenging territory. Patricia Salem's been through it. Here’s what she wishes she’d known before she started... There are many things I envisioned about being a gay…
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Attachment disorder explained

Attachment disorder is a term often used in reference to children who have been in care. What is it, where did the term come from and how do you deal with it? Richard Field is an educational psychologist, foster carer and carer for the Albert Kennedy Trust. He shares his knowledge with us. After the…
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Success after miscarriage: Erin & Katie’s journey

Katie donated her eggs to partner Erin; after surviving two miscarriages the couple finally welcomed their daughter Having kids was part of the package from the second date for Erin and Katie. Once their relationship was established they pushed ahead with plans to start a family. The couple are now the proud parents of a…
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Fostering as a single gay dad

Richard's parenting journey lead him to become a foster carer for two boys with challenging behaviour Richard, 37, is an educational psychologist with a background as a primary school teacher, and lives in London. At the time of this interview he had two foster boys – James*, 7 and Ben*, 11. Richard always wanted a…
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