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Supporting my grandson as he explores his identity

Guest blogger Anna Bianchi is a creative activist, writer, workshop teacher and change guide, and a grandmother with a 4-year-old grandson who is exploring female gender identity. Here Anna reflects on her own conditioning and honouring Ruben's* journey. Anna’s website: www.annabianchi.co.uk Ruben’s powder blue princess dress is bunched up over his thighs as he sits on…
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Sharing my story

My first official 'talk' to share my story - and the Routes to Parenthood Show Last weekend I got to meet myself 12 years ago - several times! The We Are Family team trekked to Manchester for the Routes to Parenthood show – the second in a new series of regional shows. We had a…
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Finding a gay and family-friendly holiday destination

In my last blog post I talked about the difficulties of visiting countries where homosexuality is illegal, in our case Singapore. Other families may have a choice as to where to spend their pink pound but we do not – Dylan’s family are Singaporean and our choosing not to go would be to deny our…
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Surrogacy experts offer insights in London!

Callum reflects on a thought-provoking work trip After just three weeks at We Are Family magazine I’ve all ready become emotionally invested in routes to parenthood for gay and lesbian couples. From even my very basic understanding of IVF and surrogacy it occurs to me how scary it must be to embark on that journey,…
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What We Are Family means to me

No plans for parenthood yet, Laura considers why the magazine matters I’m Laura and I am the Subscriptions and Distributions Manager at We Are Family. I thought I would write a little piece about what We Are Family means to me, as a young member of the LGBT community not looking to start a family…
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Macklemore: Same Love

Sarah, our intern, recommended Macklemore’s Same Love as April 2015's video of the month because "it’s just beautiful and it never gets old."

Video of the Month: April 2015.

Home alone with the little monsters

With her wife away, Hannah experiences work/life balance as a single parent Running a business and bringing up two under-fives is often full-on. Rowena, my partner, is contracted to work four days a week but, in her demanding job, most weeks she seems to cram five days work into four very long days. We have…
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Crossing borders as a gay family

In his first guest blog for us, James of 4 Relative Strangers, blogs about his family holidays "Deciding where to take your family for their holidays is always challenging. And when you are a same sex adoptive family; and by that I mean we are all the same sex, two dads and two sons; there…
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Happy Team

Surrogacy Supplement excitement! Just quickly wanted to share this pic of our happy team taking delivery of our new Surrogacy Supplement last week. Photo taken by moi (Beccy). From L-R: Hannah (editor), Laura (subs & distribution), Elliott (sales) Beccy, We Are Family Team
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