Surrogacy Special story, instalment 5

Parental Status Across International Borders

Georgios* is Greek and lives in London with his Ukrainian partner Alexander* and their two-year-old twins who were born in the Ukraine.

In our Surrogacy Supplement Georgios shares their incredible international surrogacy journey: multiple pregnancies in two surrogates; crossing borders with the babies & a friend posing as mother; near-endless red tape to get into the UK; moral dilemmas and more.

The story so far: Georgios started a family through surrogacy, whilst living and working in Ukraine. He is finally living in the UK with his Ukrainian partner Alexander and their twin daughters…

The final decision was whether to have Alexander’s parenting role given legal status.

“Firstly, the process would be expensive. Plus I’m from Greece, Alexander’s from Ukraine. Say we get British papers saying we’re equal parents. Then I get a job in Spain or Greece where these papers are useless; they’re only recognised in the UK or countries where same-sex families are recognised. We decided it was too much money and too constrained geographically.”

So Alexander is not recognised as a legal parent ­– a risk if something happens to Georgios. “I would prefer him to adopt them in the future because it’s easier.”


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* names changed to protect identity

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