Surrogacy Special story, instalment 4

Leaving the Babies in the Hands of Strangers, and Paternity Leave

Georgios* is Greek and lives in London with his Ukrainian partner Alexander* and their two-year-old twins who were born in the Ukraine.

In our Surrogacy Supplement Georgios shares their incredible international surrogacy journey: multiple pregnancies in two surrogates; crossing borders with the babies & a friend posing as mother; near-endless red tape to get into the UK; moral dilemmas and more.

The story so far: Georgios has decided to start a family through surrogacy, whilst living and working in Ukraine, he finally has twin daughters, born from two different surrogates…

When they were three months old Georgios, the twins and Ira (posing as the mother) moved to Greece as ‘a family’.

“I was not allowed to travel with young babies on my own – the mother had to be there too.” Afterwards Ira returned to the Ukraine and Georgios used his two-week holiday entitlement to stay with the twins at a friends flat, but then he had to go back to work in London. He found someone willing to look after the girls – a couple who lived near Athens - the other end of the country from where they were in Thessaloniki. “This guy came and took them on a plane to Athens. I didn’t even know where I was sending them. I was so stressed, it was a nightmare.”

Later, when Georgios was in Athens he got to visit his daughters. “When I went to the house I was shocked. It was a little out of the city, in a quiet neighbourhood, but they had 5 dogs and 12 cats. I was thinking are the girls safe? I needed these people. I didn’t fully approve of the environment; but I had no choice.”

In early August, Georgios was at work and his boss called him to his office. “He said ‘take time off, sort this thing out with your family because you’re going crazy. We’ll say its paternity leave.’ It was really good because I was going crazy.”


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* names changed to protect identities

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