Surrogacy Supplement, March 2015

Surrogacy Supplement, March 2015

UK & international surrogacy focus • hear from real families created through surrogacy & from a surrogate as she starts her journey • expert opinion & advice • glossary of terms


Coinciding with the Families Through Surrogacy conference at the end of March 2015, we published our special Surrogacy Supplement.

Contents include:

Georgios & Alexander’s incredible international surrogacy journey
Jargon buster: terms explained
A surrogate’s story
Families through surrogacy conference: we hear from experts in the field
Campaign to improve UK surrogacy laws
Growing Generations: UK surrogacy agency
Q&As with surrogacy experts

Published 16 March 2015:
content that will always be relevant
20 full pages:
all focussed on surrogacy
plus p&p