Northwood College For Girls

Creating Exceptional futures.

It is hard to comprehend but by the time our current Nursery class enter the job market it is likely to be around 2033! We can only imagine what the world will look like by then – some of our girls will undoubtedly apply for jobs that do not even exist today. So how can we best prepare them for the opportunities as well as the trials and tribulations of a world yet to exist?

To develop intellectual character, independent learning, thinking and attitudinal skills, Northwood College For Girls focus on dispositions to provide the themes for thinking skills lessons, workshops, training, activity days, events and projects.

Through our unique programme we teach our girls to understand how they learn best and how to develop and practise good thinking habits, such as, risk-taking, perseverance and resilience. Over the years, the programme gives each girl a comprehensive understanding of herself and her own particular strengths and weaknesses; it forces her out of her intellectual comfort zone and provides her with the tools and techniques to face new problems and situations with confidence.

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