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Wicked Nights for Halloween if you dare

20/10/2018, 6:00 pm til 03/11/2018, 10:00 pm

Blackgang Chine opens its doors for a new high-intensity horror experience based on a 16th century monk’s curse.

Fancy scaring your teens this halloween? Wicked Nights is a brand-new horror event, coming to the Isle of Wight, making its home at Blackgang Chine. Demolition site, The Cursed Mill, will be opening its doors this Autumn should you be courageous enough to brave the curse.

The spine-tingling event explores the haunted mysteries of Blackgang Chine as the park turns 175 this year. Well-known for its ghostly tales dating back when smugglers and pirates moored on its shores, Britain’s oldest theme park is perched on the edge of coastal cliffs on the Isle of Wight, often dubbed ‘Ghost Island’ owing to the island’s many haunted-happenings.

Wicked Nights ventures into a restricted ‘Cursed Mill’ demolition site, where construction on a new attraction has ceased due to paranormal activity. The haunted happenings are being caused by the historic 16th century curse of a zealous monk. Furious at the destruction of a local monastery that once sat above the hills of Blackgang, the monk cursed the surrounding lands upon which the park now sits, condemning them to forever crumble into the sea. To this day, the park battles against coastal erosion, which recedes by an astonishing three metres every year.

Once inside, visiting lost souls will take ‘The Cursed Mill: A Terrifying Tour’, a blood-curdling experience designed to terrify. Expect plenty of bumps in the night, strobe lighting, audio and visual effects, darkness, close encounters and sinister scents.

Those lucky enough to finish the tour are set to discover that their night of frights has only just begun, as they encounter the ghoulish goings on of the Freaky Fair, hosting a range of games and activities from ‘hook-a-head’ to Tin Can Alley.

Should they dare venture further; guests will face the Hall of Horrors, a topsy-turvy hall of mirrors that comes alive after dusk, or will they chance a ride on the Slaughter Slide, a distinctly gory race through the night.

The Wicked Nights dark theatre will also provide entertainment. Guests will recoil in horror at the black magic of the Ringmaster Magician, the sole survivor of a tragic fire seduced by the voices of the dead who now assist him in performing unbelievable feats of magic and illusion.
Or perhaps they’ll find themselves taken aback in disgust at the morbid contortions of the Possessed Doll, an aerial artist extraordinaire.

After all that frightful fun, settle those nerves with a Spine-chilling chilli, a peculiar pumpkin soup, Severed finger hotdogs or even molten cheese pizza skulls. There are plenty of antidotes and elixirs available at the bar, which will be serving a potent range of beers, cider and wine.

Wicked Nights, 20th October - 3rd November, 6pm – 10pm. Tickets from £15.00 www.blackgangchine.com/wickednights


20/10/2018, 6:00 pm
03/11/2018, 10:00 pm