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James Williams, gay dad of two adopted siblings and writer of the 4 relative strangers blog is our Guest blogger for summer 2015.
He is a writer, actor and director and adopted his sons, aged 10 and 9, two years ago. His blog about his life with his partner as a gay family formed through adoption is soon to be published as a book. He was awarded the title of National Adoption Champion in 2014.
Follow James Williams here • • twitter: @4RStrangers • facebook: 4relativestrangers

Anna Bianchi is a creative activist, writer, workshop teacher and change guide, a mum to a gay son and grandmother to a 4-year-old grandson who is exploring female gender identity.
Anna’s blog:

You’ll also find posts from occasional guest blogger Richard Westoby, of Families Through Surrogacy

Looking back at the Families Through Surrogacy conference

A definitive success! I always give myself a month or so to reflect on and to judge the success of any event that I help to organise. Some will judge by the number of attendees, others will judge by cash flow; I don't, I judge the success of my events by whether or not they…
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Finding a gay and family-friendly holiday destination

In my last blog post I talked about the difficulties of visiting countries where homosexuality is illegal, in our case Singapore. Other families may have a choice as to where to spend their pink pound but we do not – Dylan’s family are Singaporean and our choosing not to go would be to deny our…
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Crossing borders as a gay family

In his first guest blog for us, James of 4 Relative Strangers, blogs about his family holidays "Deciding where to take your family for their holidays is always challenging. And when you are a same sex adoptive family; and by that I mean we are all the same sex, two dads and two sons; there…
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